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Working Principle and Design of solar street Introduction

Cindy / 2013-03-15
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            Solar China With the increasing world energy crisis, countries are seeking to solve the energy crisis, a road is to seek new energy and renewable energy use; the other is to seek new energy-saving technology, Solar Panel reducing energy consumption, increasing energy efficiency.

    Solar energy is the most direct and popular on the planet is the most clean energy, renewable solar energy as a massive, daily radiation to reach Earth’s surface is approximately equal to 2.5 millions of barrels of oil that can be said to be inexhaustible, is not used dried. LED spectrum is almost all concentrated in the visible light spectrum,
 Solar Regulator so the luminous efficiency is high, most people believe that energy-saving lamps can save energy 4 / 5 is a great initiative, but also energy saving lamp LED than 1 / 4, which is a solid light source greater reform.

Solar LED lighting and LED integrates the advantages of solar energy:

   Monocrystalline Solar Panel a high-power LED street lamp made of solar depth .
Polycrystalline Solar Panel the system components in the solar cell (including bracket), LED lamp, the control box
    (In a controller, batteries) and light pole a few parts; luminous efficiency of solar panels to 127Wp/m2, efficient, wind-resistant design of the system is very favorable; part of the 1W white LED lamp and integrated 1W Yellow LED printed circuit board arranged for a certain distance of the lattice as the light source plane.

   Maintenance-free battery

    Control box with stainless steel as a material box, beautiful and durable; control box placed on maintenance-free lead-acid batteries and charge-discharge controller. The system selected valve-regulated lead-acid batteries, because of its minimal maintenance, it is also known as “maintenance-free battery” will help reduce the cost of system maintenance; charge and discharge controller is designed to take into account the full-featured (with photo control, time control, overcharge protection, over discharge and reverse polarity protection, etc.) and cost control, to achieve a very high price.

   Work description
    System works is simple, the use of photovoltaic solar cells made of the principle effect of solar panels during the day and to receive solar radiation into electrical energy output, through charge and discharge controller is stored in batteries at night when the illumination gradually reduced to 10lux about solar cells board open circuit voltage of about 4.5V, charge and discharge controller to detect movement of the voltage value, the battery on the caps discharge. 8.5 hours of battery discharge, the charge and discharge controller action, the end of battery discharge. Charge and discharge controller’s main role is to protect the battery.

  The system design
    Solar street lamp solar lighting design and general compared to the same basic principle, but the need to consider links more. The following will be the Neo-Neon Holdings Ltd. Hong Kong, this solar power LED lights, for example, in several areas for analysis.

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