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Bluelight and Wellsee enter Africa

Wellsee news center / 2012-10-27
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Hubei Bluelight and Welslee new energy companies were assigned by Hubei Provincial Government to participate in the activities of "enter Africa". Looking for new development opportunities in Africa to achieve a better development of new energy industry in China, and witness the magic Bluelight therapeutic apparatus, so Wellsee new energy boutique enters Africa millions of families. 
In recent years, in the context of the rapid development of trade between China and Africa, even Africa's water resources barren, but there is huge potential for investment and the development of new energy market because of the long duration of sunshine and Sufficient solar and wind resources.Hubei provincial government has held three times Hubei enterprises "enter Africa" ​​series of economic and trade activities, and have achieved good results. In order to seize the opportunity to seize the initiative, and continue to develop the African market, ubei Provincial Government now organize the fourth Hubei enterprises "enter Africa" ​​series of economic and trade activities. 
This time the activiy consisit of exhibitions, trade fairs and field trips three parts, it will be Held in Abidjan, Accra, Johannesburg, Cape Town of Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire and South Africa.The time is from October 22 to November 2 ,2012, total 12 days. We sincerely and warmly invite chinese people who is in Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire and South Africa, and all africa friends come to discuss cooperation.  
Bluelight therapeutic apparatus, Wellsee wind turbine, Wellsee big-power solar controller, Wellseeinverter, Wellsee battery will be fully three-dimensional displayed. Hubei Bluelight and Wellsee new energy companies send more foreign trade elite to the formation of a strong lineup of exhibitors and visit new and old distributors. We fully believe that Bluelight Wellsee products will be further expanded in the African market and get the glory of the Hubei people with excellent quality, reasonable price and first-class service.  
Bluelight therapeutic apparatus advantages: reliable equipment, excellent security, thorough treatment, direct access to the root cause, chain functions, simple user-friendly operation interface, effective and comfortable stimulation treatment process control function lighting instructions, LCD display, The real language prompts, especially suitable for old people. Low-carbon, environmentally friendly, high-energy, is portrayal of the Wellsee new energy. It Can solve the problem of insufficient power resources for Africa, and make full use of renewable energy demands of the African market. Wellsee new energy will become the darling of the era who solve Africa sources by using solar and energy. 
Work together tomorrow to create a better future.Bluliehgt technology. Wellsee new energy will write a new movement.
Wishing “enter africa” a complete success!


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