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Some proper nouns about PV HYBRID POWER SYSTEMS

wellsee / 2011-09-10
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Wellsee has thinking about investing to Wind and PV hybrid power systems some years ago. In these years marketing, there are many pleasant surprises as well as worried they found. Here we explain some proper nouns about PV HYBRID POWER SYSTEMS you may ask.

◆ blower (air blower) is the use of fans to convert wind energy to mechanical energy by wind turbines to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, and then charge the battery through the controller, through the power inverter on the load;
◆ PV (photovoltaic module) using the photovoltaic effect of solar panels to convert light energy into electrical energy, then the battery charge, through the inverter to convert DC to AC power to the load;
◆ controller (controller) according to sunlight intensity, wind speed and load changes, and constantly work on the battery switch and adjust status, while the adjusted energy directly to DC or AC load. On the other hand the excess power sent to the battery storage. When the power output can not meet the required load, the controller to battery power sent to the load, ensuring the continuity and stability of the system work;
◆ Inverter (inverter) is responsible for the direct current into alternating current, AC load equipment to ensure the normal use. It also features automatic voltage regulator can improve the landscape quality of hybrid power supply system;
◆ batteries (storage batteries) in the system while the energy to play the role of regulation and load balancing the two. It will wind power systems and photovoltaic power generation system output into chemical energy stored in order to prepare enough power to use.
Landscape (electric) hybrid power system based on wind and solar radiation changes, you can run in the following three modes: wind turbine power to the load alone; photovoltaic power generation system to load a separate power supply; wind turbines and photovoltaic power generation system Joint power to the load. Landscape (electric) hybrid power generation than wind power or solar power alone has the following advantages:
◆ use of wind energy, solar energy complementarity, it can get stable output, the system has high stability and reliability;
◆ In case of power supply to ensure the same, can greatly reduce the storage capacity of the battery;
◆ through the rational design and matching, you can basically scenery (electric) hybrid power generation system supply, access to better social and economic benefits.
Inverter Features
◆ Application of High Frequency PWM Inverter Technology
◆ Fully automatic operation without manual intervention
◆ inverter, high efficiency, conversion efficiency greater than 93% in nominal operating conditions
◆ stability of fast-tracking the maximum power output point solar
◆ sinusoidal current into the grid, harmonic content is low, power factor greater than 0.99
◆ do not need to feed to the grid, and no harmonic pollution, does not affect the quality of power supply
◆ device internal protection measures to improve the quality stable and reliable
◆ by computer communication, for remote data collection and monitoring






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