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In Jun-Aug,2011 PV market,shipment growth,but income decline

wellsee / 2011-08-27
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Photovoltaic (pv) in the second quarter of the market: a growth in shipment growth, but the decline in income


According to the latest quarterly report of IMS, as prices dropped sharply, pv inverter suppliers continue to hit, the second quarter than the same period of the previous year and the industry's revenue fell 1.3%. However, the second quarter not all the news is bad: inverter shipments rose 40%, sharply in the first quarter of that excess inventory is does not have the ability to destroy the industry, the second half of demand or more strong.


In the second quarter, according to IMS of powerful recovery in the first half of the market, nearly 10 GW, however shipments plunged more than 20%, the factory price in lost revenues industry. Earlier this year, IMS forecast of annual inverter shipments will again more than 20 GW, but plunging prices eroded the income, compared with 2010 years of high record decline.


The IMS of photovoltaic Inverter supply and demand information quarterly report "(PV Inverter Supply&Demand) collected more than 90% of the industry of income and data delivery manufacturer, found in the second quarter of the price is a key point in the second half, and the price will be further down. IMSResearch photovoltaic advanced research director and this report co-author AshSharma comments said, "the first and second quarter inverter prices falling fast, all price lower than 0.20 / W help yourself, but not to pv modules a 20% decline in 2010 (part of the reason is due to the change of the structure of products)."

IMS study found that cause the price drop of several factors, but also points out that the next few quarters average price or will be increased. "And photovoltaic module is different, inverter prices and many other factors also mixed in. Of course, the user requirements suppliers for lower prices this is one, but the more important factors such as to the price is low areas of the region, and abandon high transfer of inverter to lower the cost of the product structure of the three-phase products change trend also caused the price to drop." Sharma said.


Photovoltaic inverter geographical changes in demand for industry price caused dual influences. First, a few such as India, China, and low cost of the market, at the global market share, causing prices. Second, many large supplier to continue to adjust the strategy will move out of attention stagnant Germany market turned to smaller emerging markets. "Vendors effective trying to buy market share in emerging markets, send period in emerging market based on long-term." Sharma commented. And the main integrators meeting, found that some leading inverter manufacturers in smaller European new market, already price cut of more than 45% to defend against competition.


Of course, expand supplier base areas and a large number of inverter in weak demand for suppliers of customer, indeed, to a certain extent pushes down prices, and this situation will continue to suppliers to press supplier for seeking a customer to cut costs, lower the price. "This year has only part of the price decline can be attributed to the geography and the change of the structure of products," Sharma points out, "in fact, the second quarter in all areas in the downturn, and prices for too low because of the demand, such as Germany, Italy and other mature market prices decline especially quickly."


Although inverter suppliers is a growing number, but in the second quarter, as the market leader in the second quarter from SMASolarTechnology shadow heavy back some market share, its market share growth of 8%, and once again, the control more than 30% of the overall market. "Because of its technology, has been the SMA brand and value-added products, and keep the competitive advantage, at the same time, its in the second quarter also shows its can still with competitors on price competition. The company also can reduce, how much do we see." Sharma if concluded.


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