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Boundless Funny of solar energy

wellsee / 2011-06-21
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Boundless Funny of solar energy


“The Energy Crisis” is not only a long time project in the statesman’s hand, but also a tragic reality in the future days.

Energy is meant to be the world’s eternal topic.
Oil, after 50 years, will use up;
The coal, after 100 years, will run out;
Flammable ice, too young, can realize the unknown years to exploit the large-scale mature commercial exploitation......
With gas too risky, coal too dirty, nuclear too slow and renewables too unreliable, solar photovoltaic power generation get the most attentions.
After the outbreak of a nuclear accident in Japan, and the Swiss federal government said on May 25, 2034 years ago, the Swiss will gradually closed within the territory of the plants, and give up all comprehensive nuclear power. Four days later, the Swiss’s neighbor--Germany's ruling coalition decided in 2022 years ago to give up completely nuclear power.
Fortunately, there is the sun. It is the closest star to earth, have been using the eternal light to the earth. Human being has 3000 years history to sue solar energy. But the solar energy as one of the sources of energy and motive force to use is only 300 years history.
From ancient use the sunshine to dry the sea salt, to now take solar yacht for journey around the world, people are more and more clearly knowing: solar energy is the earth’s life source energy.
1 Funny things of our ancients
Getting salt by drying sea water:
The Western Zhou Dynasty (C. 11th century-771B.C.), people developed its salt industry
Solar energy is the earliest energy human contact, but said the energy to active use of solar energy, the earliest human or China. In the early 3000 DuoNian before the western zhou dynasty, located in shandong province, the people have made use of the sun into the sea salt, the sun at the time but great creation. Lai countries later in 567 BC was prince perish, and that is the same advice really become the kingdom of coastal, and inherit the kingdom's its salt industry, "fish of the salt more filled".
Reflected sunlight:
Mediterranean women hold bronze mirror burn enemy ships
In 214 BC, the Roman empire sent fleet, east of the island of Sicily against the Mediterranean women take their shiny bronze mirror to coast.
With the sun, Archimedes first discovered a mirror up, let it the reflection of the sun on the shot to the enemy ship sails, women also have 1000 mirror reflected light projection to Roman warships together of the sails. Before long, war on the boat of the fire, the fire with the wind, many ships became fire burned Rome's ship, defeated and flee.
Build power plants:
Ec and put the "mirror" array nus
In 1980, the European Community nine members common to Sicily catania in the provincial government investment, drainer town (the Archimedes burn Roman ships which place) build a solar power station. Solar power. There put a "mirror", 180 heavy face array of glass "the total area" of more than 6200 meters "mirror" huge. By their reflected sunlight are automatically gathered to "mirror" center of the central tower on top receiver, receiving the light from the sun, the water of the heating boiler is as high as 500 ℃, produce temperature, pressure as high as 64 atmospheres of high temperature and high pressure steam turbine power generation, and promote the power generation, it can exceed 1000KW. Since then, many countries in the world have established a similar solar power station.
Melting metal:
The French people pull tile tin is pioneer
The world's first use solar energy to melting metal is 18th century French scientists pull tile tin. He many lens of a solar furnace, the furnace extraordinary, could put the melting point is as high as 1773 ℃ platinum are melting.
200 DuoNian, French scientists, in order to increase the solar energy than lang temperature, in 1947 in the military with the searchlight of efficient mirror with solar furnace in Montreal in 1952, and Louis the pyrenees mountain form the world's first power kilowatts of large-scale solar smelting furnace. In the 1970 s, especially lang, try, try, try again from Montreal in than Louis's generation luo town built power up to 1000 kw solar furnace, it like a multilayer building, the north is a diameter of 50 m large parabolic condenser, opposite the hill were erected dozens of reflector, the condenser is gathered from the sun can produce up to 3500 ℃ high temperature, a day can produce about 2.5 tons of zirconium metal, the effects that electric arc furnace than or higher, the people are proud to call Mr Generation luo town as "sun city".
2 the future main
Refrigeration system ice:
The solar energy air conditioning built environmental protection
Solar energy absorption chiller is environmental protection. It use solar energy collector to heat water high temperature hot water into, and then the high temperature hot water piping into central air conditioning main machine, make host in the cold water into high temperature of hot water, and then the boiling point low lithium bromide liquid through the pipe into the host, and that in a moment of liquid into steam and expand the volume, temperature also immediately to 0 ℃ below, become liquid "snow kind of" (refrigerants). With these "snow kind of" (0 ℃ below) can refrigeration of liquid and ice, scientists so cleverly tapping the "ice" solar energy this difficult problem.
Photovoltaic cells:
The sun wafer a faint electric current
In the 1950 s, the electronic computer began to enter the transistor era, is responsible for the development of the electronic computer the second generation of the bell telephone company researchers are very busy and exciting because they know, electronic computer if using silicon semiconductor components do, you can make the came out in 1946, the first generation of computer ernie gram than go down.
Ernie gram is used vacuum tubes do of components of the "big MAC", it covers an area of 160 m, weighed 30 tons; And silicon semiconductor computers in size, quality only ernie gram, 1/100 of the computing faster than "big MAC" one hundred times ahead.
However, surprise was yet to come. Perhaps is busy in a mess, bayer's science and technology staff put a piece of very thin silicon wafer in another slice of the more thin and soaked in boron above, at this time, silicon miracle, when he put this two piece of silicon wafer get the sun exposure, connect two pieces of wafer circuit unexpectedly a weak electricity! That means, the two pieces of silicon solar energy into electrical energy that, solar cell born this is known as the "photovoltaic battery".

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