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The Analysis of the 2011, May(first half) photovoltaic indus

Wellsee / 2011-06-11
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The Analysis of the 2011, May(first half) photovoltaic industry focus
First, In the early May News: China's state AQSIQ is planning to develop a national pv industry quality of industry selective examination, the quality problem of the rectification. China's state is in the field of solar energy on the reorganization, its influence has been beyond the borders of peremptory range, AFP, the financial times and other European mainstream media have paid attention.
Second, the period to the United States department of Energy outlined in yesterday, a subsidiary of the Energy Cogentrix Group Inc L.L.C. offer an amount for a $90.6 million loan guarantees, a condition for commitment in Colorado to build the world's biggest spotlighting solar photovoltaic power station. This is actually 2011 years since the United States policy "to force for photovoltaic maximum performance of".
Finally, market research institutions IMS "pv modules according to the first decline in two years, the latest report of" properly reflect the global pv industry since 2011 is not how the whole situation of prosperity. And Japan's prime minister JianZhiRen about nuclear power development plan, key adjust the solar and wind energy and other new energy development said, is Japan effect of the nuclear crisis continued.
1, quality, intermingled photovoltaic industry was reorganization
On May 3,, media reports said China, state quality inspection administration is planning to develop a national photovoltaic industry of our country, selective examination quality pv industry the quality problem of the rectification. The direct cause is that, as in recent years, the rapid development of the photovoltaic industry, many lack of technical experience in, the enterprises to participate in product quality to guarantee the customer return goods and complaints from abroad, caused the attention of departments concerned
OFweek solar horizonof a brief comments: in China pv industry development course, you can't say this is a" China speed "pronoun. In less than ten years of global market, pv products occupy heavily-accented screams. These photovoltaic industry in China to growth rates, but it is not a Chinese photovoltaic industry in the past 10 years.
Two head out, industrial structure deformity, whole low development level, perhaps China's most photovoltaic industry was mentioned in the evils. But in these on the surface, the problems within the visible behind, product quality is not pass the deep-seated problems, but in a basic no constraints of the environment by spreading.
Global photovoltaic industry in the next ten years, perhaps present high-speed growth, but the development of leading industry core factors will inevitably change greatly. Perhaps, these factors and not in the present all given, but from the "scale" to the "quality win win" this should be no doubt, because this in almost all relatively mature industry development process has been verified.
Very fair, "the state quality inspection administration is planning to develop a national pv industry quality of industry selective examination, the quality problem of the rectification" this, to grow the critical period in China will tell the photovoltaic industry is really the key. But to say the survey to play the role of how much real, will be is a big question mark.
But to prevent "warm water boiled frog" things like this sustained development, the key point is the transformation of consciousness, for photovoltaic industry in China, of course, is so. In a "shoulder heavy responsibilities" task, does not expect you before in short-term fundamentally solutions of the problems, as long as realize this and gradually to improve, "frog" and eventually have to free the day that!
2, Cogentrix spotlighting photovoltaic project of the U.S. department of energy for the $90.6 million loan
The United States department of Energy to the Group Inc, a subsidiary of the outlined in yesterday Cogentrix L.L.C. Energy provide a value of $90.6 million for a loan guarantee commitments, used for conditions in Colorado to build the world's biggest spotlighting solar photovoltaic power station.
The OFweek Solar horizon "a brief comment on: because including Europe, China, core zone, and emerging market of India, regional pv industry boom of continued to slide, therefore the first quarter of 2011 global pv industry again meet" winter "judgment. Perhaps from the whole aspect, this kind of judgment and without objection, but "winter" is not the first quarter of 2011 is global pv industry of all, at least in the United States, pv industry a little "you've got a great view" flavor. And this one of the most important factors, natural the policy belong.
December 17, 2010, the United States congress through the extension of the tax cuts by President barack Obama signed into law. According to the law, the us Treasury Department (Treasury) 1603 plan, namely "the use of cash subsidies alternative investment tax cuts" policy implementation will extend a year. The plan was made by the recovery and investment again act set, the purpose is to give commercial solar installation 30% of the investment tax preferential (ITC).
Policies should be more than 2011 quarter American photovoltaic market to maintain steady growth of the most key factors, but beyond that, the United States department of energy from each aspect institutions such as the role of positive action also cannot be ignored. Among them, "provide loan guarantee for photovoltaic power station, the financing to help investors" this should be the most significant effect.
January 20,, the U.S. energy minister ZhuDiWen Agua Caliente solar project announced to provide $967 million in loan guarantees. This project is located in Arizona County (Yuma County especially horse, Arizona), will build a 290000 mw solar photovoltaic power station. So far, the entire 2011 years began in the first quarter, or even continued to may, the U.S. department of energy loan guarantee for photovoltaic power station to provide the news it is accumulated. And Cogentrix's focusing pv projects get the energy department $90.6 million loan guarantee news, is one of the important component.
3, poly association xin contrarian of the biggest expansion history of solar equipment orders
On May 9, pv equipment supplier American company applied materials announced that poly association xin energy holdings Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "poly association xin") to the application materials companies to buy the HTC-B5 line equipment, the order of saw more than 2.5 GW wafer production capacity, this is the company's largest solar history equipment orders.
The OFweek Solar horizon "a brief comment on: from mid 2009" identity conversion "later, the poly association xin in photovoltaic field momentum of development, be called and a" China miracle ". And performance and modification of mutual support is one of the most critical factor.
2010 poly association xin achieve revenue hk $18.47 billion, compared with 2009 in the same period of hk $4.94 billion, a 274% increase period success turn into profit and net income of hk $4.02 billion. And with this good performance of the match is period poly association xin had become the world's largest producer and silicon wafer materials suppliers. By the end of 2010 to the end of November, pauley association of silicon chips can achieve with the 3.5 auspicious tile, polycrystalline silicon annual production has been to 21000 tons.
In 2011, the situation is still continues. In the global pv industry boom of whole sluggish, most enterprise first quarter results are down, but XinGuang v poly association business still be called rising up. Poly association xin polysilicon production period was 5927 tonnes, than in the same period of 3112 metric tons in 2010 increased by 90.5%, more than 2010 years in the fourth quarter of 5754 metric tons of increased by 3%.
It's the performance continues to good promotion, in the field of XinGuang v poly association expansion further accelerate the process. And the United States signed company applied materials in its history, is the largest equipment orders of the process the most intuitionistic reflection.
4, IMS: pv modules according to the first decline in two years
On May 10, a market research company, IMS announced the latest research results show that the first quarter of 2011, global pv modules shipments in the past two years the first decline. Quarter fell nearly 10% year-on-year rate, the main reason is because Italian the power of the new policy long time subsidies uncertainty.
The OFweek Solar horizon "a brief comment on: if really focus on the past half of global pv industry overall operation condition, actually to will not" pv modules according to the first decline in two years "such a conclusion there is the slightest accident. And for the above the phenomenon of the industry, given the most important reason is that Europe, especially in Italy the swing photovoltaic policy bring demand down sharply. The other, of course, also including the enterprise's own business strategy, management ability of the influence of the factors such as performance.
The judge, in a certain sense, and not too many objections, but these may be the most representation of the factors. The same quarter in 2011 in winter, this time is not as serious as in 2009, but really the more should cause whole industry interest. The effect of the financial crisis is already far go, industry has already back on track after, "winter again attack" is individual national policy not identified influence, but from the more expansive dimension speaking, global pv industry overall environment of change, or is the "winter to attack" of the most fundamental reasons.
Use a wasn't appropriate analogy to summarize, 2005 to 2008 years before the global pv industry, as normal driving on the highway train; Late 2008 to 2009 in the third quarter, although still driving on the freeway, but because there are serious problems, the road train speed slow, and even serious stagnant; In the third quarter to 2009 for the whole 2010 road conditions, gradually to train speed, with mention again; Beginning in 2011, belong to train of highway slipped away, instead of age is unprecedented climbing sections. While climbing the width of the sections doesn't mean than highway to narrow, but because the period and the slope, turn itself strain the existence of numerous factors, the train running speed and the previous certainly cannot be mentioned in the same breath.
In 2011 many enterprise relative dim in the first quarter results, it is also the first time the train into "climbing photovoltaic section after some discomfort" reaction. Admittedly, the end of the column of photovoltaic train does make a person extremely yearning, and it is also really drive in the right direction, but unpredictable traffic is good with bad, just like current "climbing" continuous distance sections as unpredictable. Although unpredictable, but the train will ultimately forward, that only to a Portland and the spirit of state to face, and it will also surprises. What do you think?
5, ordos mode the new version: First Solar electricity to cast
American film producers First Solar battery May 10, and five big power group for one of the companies in its electricity have reached a cooperation agreement, the two countries will cooperate in the development of the international market and his Solar project. First Solar company and for its China electric power CLP new energy development Co., LTD is a wholly owned subsidiary of new international CLP energy holdings Co., LTD. (CPINE) signed the strategic cooperative frame agreement. This is the First Solar company following January this year with wide signed the memorandum of nuclear development cooperation, ordos up to 2 GW Solar energy projects, the second time and China electric power enterprise cooperation.
The OFweek Solar horizon ": a brief comment on September 9, 2009 First Solar company with the Chinese government announced signed a memorandum of understanding that the two sides will in China's Inner Mongolia au-tonomous region cooperation construction with 2000 mw a capacity of Solar photovoltaic power plants. 2011 January 4, First Solar company, announced in nuclear Solar energy and wide development Co., LTD, common development in Inner Mongolia au-tonomous region Solar photovoltaic power projects. May 10, 2011, First Solar company and China's five big power group for one of the companies in its electricity have reached a cooperation agreement, the two countries will cooperate in the development of the international market and his Solar project.
Just a year and a half or so of time, in the Chinese market three degrees of attack, although one of the world's largest so-called "ordos" hiccup several projects, but which see not hard, First Solar the us is the world's most famous film Solar cells enterprise in China market, the strong "attempt to photovoltaic heart".
In addition, for the First time by the desire "compared to the latest" alone, two choice and Chinese companies to cooperate, is First Solar gradually capable of China the biggest market rules reflect. In the identity between dumped into, financing, project examination and approval of the biggest burden, but also hadn't lost will products into the market of the original intention.
However, in the First of the Chinese Solar see strategy to promote the gradual, China local photovoltaic enterprise seems to also should reflect their own strategy. "Wolf, perhaps is not a seriously.
Because it has completely beyond the pure natural disasters, triggering the category of human for nuclear power use safety depth reflection. And at the same time, think that photovoltaic etc clean energy will be from the "nuclear crisis" was a great development opportunity argument is blatant in ear.
But in our opinion, the Japan's nuclear accident warning role for all of humanity, but no doubt to say to the global energy future production and supply pattern will be so serious transfer, I'm afraid I have overdo too, the more their theory pv industry will take it as an opportunity to quickly get the outbreak.
In turn, this also is not see on photovoltaic industry development prospects suspicion, but to achieve the goals, and not "other industry crisis" in the peripheral factors can play a decisive role.
At present, although it will tell the world of photovoltaic industry momentum of growth in Europe, and local area of energy supply structure already has a place, but globally, (pv) power, a new energy utilization ratio is still a long way in relatively small stage. Although countries around the world the government has also gradually realized that solar photovoltaic industry wide development space, but because industry existing in the process of the development of the great "bottleneck" is not in the short term, therefore, if can eradicate this photovoltaic industry to judge can quickly get outbreak, probably just wishful thinking of the lift.
On the other hand, deny that Japan "of global nuclear accident" the decisive role in promoting the photovoltaic industry, and it's not to say it to the industry's development without any positive effect. Decision makers for the strategic goal of the industry development when zi chan to planning and development speed adjustment is on the one hand, but more important is the awareness of the public should change and ascension.
Because for solar pv industry is concerned, in addition to the above speak of their own development bottleneck of outside, the majority of the world for this new energy use public way lack enough to know and understand, is also the important factors restricting industrial development. Therefore, or licensing the following such a conclusion: Japan "nuclear accident for all of humanity" warning role over, if can truly function as a reverse and promote awareness of the public role, it is to the global pv industry, and humankind for future development of indelible contribution.

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