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Renewable energy planning report

Wellsee / 2011-06-04
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Renewable energy planning report


Renewable energy planning objectives reported substantially increased installed capacity of photovoltaic industry 2, the China Securities News, said, "" Twelve Five "renewableenergy development plan" has been submitted to the State Council for approval. "Twelve Five" total installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation target of 10 GW has clearly raised over the goal of doubling the draft plan. The plan will eventually be with the "" second five "energy development plan" be introduced.

"Twelve Five-Year" plan in the report of the State Council before the relevant departments on various planning rounds of the specific content of comments and consultation.

The industry believes, "" Twelve Five "renewable
energy development plan" when submitted to the State Council, the planned 10 GW of total installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation targets will be basically established. Previously, the National Development and Reform Commission, said Li Junfeng, deputy director of energy by 2015, the domestic total installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation will be significantly upwards of 10 GW.

More than 95% of photovoltaic products are sold overseas, the major importing countries vulnerable to solar subsidy policy implications. For example, the recent major importer of products by the Italian photovoltaic solar subsidy policy adjustment, the domestic PV market with high inventory and low shipping, low price of the passive situation. Therefore, as soon as possible through the support policies to accelerate the development of the domestic photovoltaic power generation market as the industry consensus.

The industry believes that "five-second" total installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation target is established, the National Energy Board to determine on this basis can the next 5 years the scale of PV concession tender, and according to industry and market development, selection of light in the country volt power market timing of the introduction of a fixed price policy. As the domestic PV market is currently rely mainly on policy guidance, so the "second five" target total installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation, upstream polysilicon and lower reaches of the PV modules and inverters, and other ancillary industries directly related to the related industries, enterprises and products in the market size. The industry is expected to "Twelve Five", the domestic photovoltaic power generation of 10 GW of total installed capacity target beyond the possibility remains high.

China Securities News also learned that the National
Energy Board will start the second half of the third round of photovoltaic concession tendering, the tender is estimated to be 500 MW -1,000 MW. (China Securities Journal)

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