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Solar inverter sales in the first quarter of 2011

Wellsee / 2011-06-04
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Solar inverter sales in the first quarter of 2011

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Polaris Solar Reuters: IMS Research's latest quarterly market report, first quarter 2011 worldwide shipments of PVinverter down to 4GW, 39% less than the previous quarter, but compared with the first quarter of 2010, an increase of 31%. Germany, Italy and France leading the market increase in channel inventory disappointing first quarter results.

This report is based on the 35 largest suppliers of photovoltaic
inverters and the volume of actual sales data, including China's largest manufacturers. Although the first quarter of each year PVinverter industry has always been demand for a relatively weak quarter, but shipments continued to decline 39% over the same period last year is far greater than the 17% figure.

IMS Research's photovoltaic research director Ash Sharma said: "The first quarter of 2011, suppliers of
solar inverter is difficult season. Inventory backlog at the end of 2010 began with a lot of the season was canceled orders, inventories continued to rise . As the first quarter of 2011, shipments have declined for two consecutive quarters. "

From the end of 2010, Germany began in the
inverter market, the poor performance of the first quarter of 2011 are the same. Survey from IMS Research began tracking quarterly shipments start, the Italian market to 1.2GW shipments for the first time in the first quarter of 2011, more than Germany. And since the first quarter of 2011, the Italian tariff policy review triggered by uncertainty, so stop the financing of PV projects, the market stalled, the inverter may all be in stock. Sharma said: "As the solar installation project will enjoy the previous Conto Energia tariff under the bill, so even though this season the Italian market with great uncertainty, the inverter needs to remain strong."
Germany inverter market share decline in the supplier who is also a great degree of expression, many German suppliers in the global market share is declining.

As the backlog of the entire supply chain inventory for several GW, IMS Research forecasts the second quarter of 2011, the slow growth in demand for the
solar inverter. Weak demand in Europe, not enough to quickly absorb the inventory.


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