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WELLSEE Solar lighting system installation

wellsee / 2011-05-24
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WELLSEE Solar lighting system installation



This picture will show you how to install a solar lighting system.


You will need:

  • WELLSEE solar light controller(such as WS-L2415, WS-L2430, WS-L2460, WS-AL2415, WSLAL2430, WS-AL2460, WS-ALMPPT15, WS-ALMPPT30, WS-ALMPPT60)
  • Floodlight kit (standard, available all Lowe’s)
  • PV solar panel
  • LED Lamp (DC input)


For your safety all wiring should be done with the battery or PV disconnected. We recommend disconnecting the plus lead from both the battery and photo voltaic panel.


The scheme below shows how to connect the controller with both outdoor and indoor light fixtures.


1.       Mount the light controller in a place that would be easy for you to use for outdoor and indoor lighting. The controller should be placed inside the garage or house in order to prevent damage. Wellsee light controller is ideal for lighting systems. Many lighting applications require lights to be on and off at different times. The most common application is a lighting system with both indoor and outdoor lighting. The outdoor lighting would typically go on at sunset and off at either sunrise or a predetermined number of hours. The indoor lighting would typically be controlled by a switch and maybe required to be on before sunset. It is also perfect for areas that often get power outage due to weather conditions.


WS-L series (WS-L2415 WS-L2430 WS-L2460) Solar light controller will automatically turn on lights at dark. This controller also intelligently monitors battery charging and discharging. It will protect batteries by turning off lights automatically when the battery voltage is low. The controllers will float charge the batteries by pulse-width-modulation (PWM) automatically as the batteries approach full charge. It will cut off charging current to protest batteries from discharging through the solar panel at dark.

WS-AL (WS-AL2415, WS-AL2430, WS-AL2460) and WS-ALMPPT series street lamp controller is controlled by Micro-CPU and intelligently senses outside light. It will automatically turn on lights at dark, and turn to high-light automatically after giving the lamp low-light for half an hour. And then turn to morning light when set time is up or at day break. After that, the lamp can be closed automatically after half an hour (the time of high-light can be set.)


2.       Set up the Floodlight kit. We were using a standard kit that is available from Lowe’s. Connect the outdoor lighting to the controller.


3.       Connect indoor lighting to the light controller.


4.       Connecting the battery and solar panel.


Any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact with us. We will reply you soon.


Best wishes


Wuhan Wellsee New Energy Industry Co., Ltd.



Amy Zhang (Sales Manager)



skype: amywellsee

Tel: +86-13971182097



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