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Silicon cells- still the mainstream

Wellsee / 2011-05-16
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Silicon cells- still the mainstream

Last year
In this report we have reviewed the last year's global photovoltaic market and main photovoltaic enterprise production performance, as this enthusiasm gives the end of the year; 2010 new 15GW installed more than global, a year, global output more than doubled 27GW, rate of more than one hundred percent, and in 2005 or 2007 slightest inferior; than Enterprise, China manufacturing continue in battery link keep taking leadership positions, suntech (STP), crystal Macao (JA), TRW (Trina) and yingli (YGE) are in the top five, the mainland enterprises in the United States before FirstSolar enter only 5; From the structure, silicon cell is still is absolute mainstream, occupy 86% of market share, but FirstSolar, as a representative of the film with the new battery form capacity also growing, especially a momentum CIGS batteries, deserving of attention.
Forecast and recent opinions
We expect the 2011 global installed and yield both will maintain high growth.
The installed, we expected year will realize 22GW or so, a 47% increase; But capacity release faster, now it looks battery capacity has been close to the field of polysilicon supply 40GW, with the release of, capacity into gradually yield at a faster rate; As output and release of demand growth, recent photovoltaic industry chain price drop a big drop overall appear; Component prices, the European market typical product prices have below 1 euro/w, dealers' stock increasing pressure, sales weak; Now the battery link saga, accelerated fall into slow down stage, but said it is too early to reason, the price still has downside space; Silicon chips in falling, still link the main type of product offer early fall by more than 25% than highs, some products has fallen nearly 30% of relevant enterprise profit, pressure; Poly look at present prices despite also began falling, but range is not too much, the price still maintain relative high, behind our judgement there will be a big fall in the future, the price conduction will reach a month or two polysilicon link.
Policy, the last couple of months, including Japan nuclear good constantly with development and reform commission officials leaked speech, but belong to long-term strategic holdings of short-term industry, no direct stimulation, affect basic is the next year or two, after earnings
See, this time from mid prices of Internet parity for photovoltaic helped pave the way, we judge, this round after prices plunged, United States, two huge market will start, global growth will be installed photovoltaic (pv) with more than the most optimistic estimates, it will be a wave of huge industry chance, but before the dawn of dark or must be quite the past;
Therefore, we still maintain the industry since the second half of last year, suggests to view polysilicon ingots, wafers, cells that three major industrial links remain cautious and prices is not yet over, on the listed company's earnings suppress nor end; Continue to value from mainstream prices affect son industry, such as photovoltaic inverter, silver pulp, suggest attention back and steel wire enterprise's progress.
Wellsee New Energy Industry Co., Ltd. thinks about this, and enlarge its production of solar panels. It believes more green energy will bring more profit to the people all over the world.

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