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Solar Panel knowledge

Wellsee / 2011-05-16
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Solar panels classification:

Crystalline silicon panels: polycrystalline silicon solar energy cell, monocrystalline silicon solar battery.
Amorphous silicon panels: film solar cells, organic solar cells.
Chemical dyestuff panels: dye-sensitised cells.
Solar panels:
Solar power system consists of solar modules, solar controller, battery (group). If we need the output power 110V ac and 220V ac, we need to match an solar inverter. The role of each part is:
(1) Solar panels (solar modules): Solar panel is the core part of solar power system as well as the highest value part in the solar power system. It turns the solar energy into electrical energy, and send the electrical energy to the battery and store up. The electrical energy from the battery will supply the loads. The quality can cost of the solar panels will decide the entire system of quality and cost. If you have large quantity demand, wellsee will provide you lowest price for A grade solar panel.
(2) Solar power controller (charger controller, solar voltage controller, solar regulator): solar controller controls the whole system working condition. And protect the battery from over charging and discharge. If the temperature changes much in a place, the controller should have the function of temperature compensation. Wellsee PWM controllers(WS-C2415, WS-C2430, WS-C2460, WS-C4860) all have this function. Some controllers (such as solar light controller, solar adjusted light controller) have other additional features such as optical switch and time control and so on. Wellsee WS-L2415, WS-L2430, WS-L2460, WS-AL2415, WS-AL2430, WS-AL2460, WS-ALMPPT15, WS-ALMPPT30, WS-ALMPPT60 are this kind.
(3)Solar battery: generally it is lead-acid batteries, and has 12V and 24V two kinds. In small miniature system, also can use nimh batteries, nickel cadmium battery or lithium batteries. It stores the electrical energy which makes by solar panel when there is sunshine. And supply the loads when necessary.
(4) Solar inverter (voltage inverter, sine wave inverter, charger inverter): Most of the time, the solar system need to provide AC110V AC220V power. But the direct solar energy output is generally DC24V, DC48V DC12V. In order to supply AC220V appliances, we need a dc-ac inverter to convert the dc to ac. In certain situations, we have a variety of voltage load, so we need to use DC - DC inverter. For example, 24V dc to 5 dc transformer (note, this is not simple step-down). Wellsee inverter has three kinds: pure sine wave inverter WS-P series, Wellsee charger inverter WS-ACM series, and Wellsee modified wave inverter WS-M series.

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