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Solar Lamp Light-adjusting Controller WS-AL2415 USE MANUAL

Wellsee / 2011-05-12
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Solar Lamp Light-adjusting Controller


Thanks for purchasing solar lamp light-adjusting controller which our company produced. Please read the instruction literally and reference before using this controller, then conserve it for future

Our controllers are denominated according to the following regulations. Please give clear indication of them when you place your orders with us, so that we are able to provide you with the products promptly and accurately.

AL24 15

    |  |  |________15: maximum current (A), 15 = 15A
    |  |__________ 24: =24V/12V automatically distinguish voltage
    |_____________L: solar street lamp controller,

A: light-adjusting


1. Functions and features

Solar lamp light-adjusting controller is controlled by micro-CPU, which is in a position to apperceive outside light intelligently.

It will start head lamp at dark, and the weak light will be change into a strong one after 30 minutes, and the light will weaker or dawn in fixed time until its cut off automatically 30 minutes later. And the duration of strong light can be fixed. This controller could also be in charge of batteries’ charging as well as discharging. It will protect batteries by cutting off head lamp’s work automatically if the batteries’ voltage is low, and come into the condition of float-charge controlled by PWM automatically if the batteries are filled with electricity. It will cut off charging circuit in order to protect batteries from discharging through solar panel at dark. Moreover, the controller also has a perfect protection circuit to prevent itself from being damaged accidently.


2. Connection

Solar controller





Be careful that this controller must be connected to linear loads, such as LED lamp, light-bulb and so on.

While installing the system, the controller must be connected to battery before connecting the loads or solar panel; avoid the power of solar panel from directly connecting to the loads.

3. Indicator light

This controller has a charging indicator light , a green load indicator light and an orange electric quality indicator light ,The red indicator light (CHARGE) will sparkle when the batteries are being charged through solar panel. The green one (LOAD) will sparkle when the main light sparkles. Moreover, it works as an indication for inquiry and setup as well. The indicator light for batteries’

voltage will be red if the voltage is low, and will be green if the batteries are filled with electricity. The indicate LED light is orange in a normal condition.



Color changing LED light




    Red  LED light




   Orange LED light




   Green LED light




4. Button

The controller has a button SET, which is used to inquire and set working mode. You should press the button less than 2 seconds if you want to inquire. If you want to have working mode ready, you should press the SET button for a while, until the mode of time-setting or light-adjusting appears.

5. Inquiry and Setup

Inquiry : Press the SET button, meanwhile observe LOAD indicate light works. The controller is in a light-adjusting condition when the light sparkles within 2 seconds. The light to sparkle slowly each time suggests that controller will work for 30 minutes, and could do so for 20 times at most, which is on behalf of 10 hours’ working.

Setup : Press the SET button for a while, and the LOAD indicate LED light will sparkle 2 seconds later, which is on behalf of 30 minutes’ working. That is, you’ve fixed the time of strong light for 30 minutes, and then loose it once you have the time fixed. The light will sparkle fast after sparkling slowly 20 times, which means the controller is in a light-adjusting condition.

6. Time-fixed mode

Light-adjustingTime-fixed : The time of strong light can be fixed between 0.5 and 10 hours.

When the time of high-light is less than 10 hours, the light will turn to half-power at the rest of time. For instance, setting the time of high-light as 6 hours (full-power light of bulb), the next 4 hours will be half-power light (half light of bulb), and then turn to morning light at last. The controller will stop charging to loads automatically at daybreak (the bulb is out).

 7. Model and Parameter



AL2415 6A

AL2415 10A

AL2415 15A

System Voltage              12 V  /  24V  Automatic Recognition

Max Charge Current      6A



Max Discharge Current    6A



Charge off Voltage (HVD)              14.4V / 28.8V

Low Voltage Detective (LVD)           10.8V / 21.6V

Low Voltage Restore (LVR)             11.8V / 23.6V


Charging Circuit’s Voltage-drop           300mV



Discharging Circuit’s Voltage-drop          50mV

Light-adjusting                   light control turn on + light control turn off

Light-adjustingTime-fixed     Light control turn on/off + time control turn on/off

Time-fixed Graduation        Beginning with 30 minutes, each graduation per 30minutes, 10 hours is to the best degree

Output                         Single output

Ambient temperature            25---55

Quiescent current                    24mA

Note: The parameters in above form are established provided the whole batteries’ voltage is in the ambient temperature 25℃. This controller will adjust a variety of parameters according to the ambient temperature’s difference! Please pay attention to solar controller 110A’s appearing on market!

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