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Rehabilitation product Shone to Cure Disease

Wellsee solar supply / 2011-02-26
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Rehabilitation product Shone Upon to Cure the Diseases

Author: Cai Yuansheng    
Male     58-year-old    
Phone: 027-61762583
ID Card: 420123194805224519
Address: Qunjianguojian Wan, Hengdian, Huangpi District, Wuhan
I am a teacher who suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and prostatitis with frequent pain. Meanwhile, I know the human channels are "pain caused by obstruction, no pain without obstruction". I tried acupuncture by a silver needle, so I know a little about common acupoints. The human channels are just like real channels which are blocked by any obstruction somewhere to cause pain. And Bluelight is just like a spade for dredging the channels. Prostatitis is really a nuisance. I used to urinate for 7 or 8 times at night, so I couldn't sleep well. I used the Bluelight Apparatus to treat it twice a day in the morning and evening, and I became healthy. I had ease of mind after a treatment course. I treated on the Guanyuan, Qihai, Zhongji, Huiyin, Shenyu, Shanyinjiao points alternatively for 2 weeks. My urination times decreased to 1 or 2 times. The chaps of hands and feet overtax old people's nerves. The unserious case causes rough skin; the serious case causes pain and bleeding. I treated it by Bluelight feet and hands reflex therapy, and it took effect within a week. The chaps disappeared after the treatment.
My grandson is 7 years old. He called me on day "Grandpa, there is a lump in a big pearl's size on my neck. I told him to come back (he lives at Gusaoshu) and I would treat him. "You are not a doctor, can you treat?" asked he. "Just give it a try. I can cure it easily without medication or injection" said I. When he came back on Saturday, I treated him with the contactor for a little while and for 2 times on the next day. He returned for school and called me later to tell that the lump was completely disappeared. He said "Grandpa, you are greater than a doctor." I said "It is not me that is great, it is Bluelight; it is the Bluelight staff; it is the general manager Mr. Luo. It is Mr. Luo who brings happiness to the patients."
My wife's shoulder periarthritis attacked suddenly on the turning of fall and winter in 2003. She couldn’t raise her right arm and comb her hair, and she groaned because of the pain at night. I told her we had Bluelight, just gave it a try. I treated for her on the Dazhui, Shenzhu and Jianjing points. It took effect immediately. She didn't feel pain any more and she could raise her arm to the forebreast. The pain was alleviated at night. She could comb her hair after 3 days and the pain was disappeared. It was cured completely after a week. We have treated it for 2 treatment courses, and it hasn't recurred until now. Her constipation was also cured by the treatment on the acupoints according to Professor Zhou's lectures.
All in all, my whole family all think Bluelight is great, because we have felt the effect of this family doctor.
The fellows in my village found that I appeared younger than before without any disease, they asked me for the reason. I said "My whole family has benefited from Bluelight. It can cure diseases without much expenditure no matter they are serious or unserious. My whole family feels happy at ease. So, I appeared younger."
I introduced Bluelight to Duan Hanzhong at Xiawanduan, he bought a set then to cure his facioplegia and sciatica. His telephone number is 027-61764676. Du Zhongliang at Dujiagang suffered from closed tuberculosis. He took a turn for the better after using Bluelight with a glowing face, powerful feet and loud voice. His telephone number is 027-61766646.
I don't tell any lie, just turn to Bluelight when suffering from diseases.
The curative effect can be proved, it brings health to the whole family.

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