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Common People’s Happy Wisp Sunlight- Bluelight therapeutic

Wellsee solar supply / 2011-02-23
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Common People’s Happy Wisp Sunlight- Bluelight therapeutic apparatus

Author: Wang Guozhong   male     69-year-old   ID Card: 422201370123081

Phone: 0712-2824357  Address: The Old Dormitory, Xiaogan Daily, Xiaogan


Diabetes, lifelong medication, just worry about it; Osteoarthritis, the hired thug lame, just lame it; Cervical spondylosis, dizziness headache, just bear it.
I was a journalist, reporter, editing, copy editor and did 30 years of paperwork. Plus 10 "displaced" the public security work, and perennial food without laws, without sleep settles, the already weak body, the disease is scattered everywhere. After retiring, tuberculosis, diabetes, osteoarthritis have come, especially diabetes arising from the other 13, lens opacity, I miserable. Read, read papers problem, but people trying to close the knowledge face to a hospital, experts say cataract, in surgery, ready to 8,000 yuan, very quickly, "You also pair of bright eyes." Anyway, retired, the body has gone, but visual moment unclear bothered me. People say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, I think the eye is life, is no worse death than eyesight. The family persuaded me to open, so, of course, money is not a small amount, but I fear most is not afraid to spend money, but afraid the eyes blinded. Power in the hospital several friends, who had secured, "a knife" to me, the thought was abuse of money. But I always could not resolve.
One day turn on the radio and hear "Bluelight octagonal therapeutic apparatus" can cure a variety of illnesses, including my eye. At that time, there were several therapeutic instrument stores in my hometown. I spent the last few days were inspected, tested, the equipment can not be refused, saying that it can not be non-functional. But some affordable cannot pay to use it, for a drug must take one or two hundred yuan. Only the "Bluelight octagonal therapeutic apparatus," Clinton said, it does not have an injection, take medicines, without medication packet, without any side effects. A small investment has many years to benefit.
In particular it is the motherland of traditional medicine use of the scientific, I am even more convinced. This small device, I really became home to a baby. Every day, I and husband, respectively, in accordance with the specification rule cervical spondylosis, omarthritis, joint pain, diabetes, hypertension, where as uncomfortable, with a patch, contact an inconsistent Scaffolding of a bubble, although not a cure, but quickly eased. It was so in 23 hours, influenza is not a minor illnesses did not let the pain I went to the hospital. I diabetes, his wife's high blood pressure, basically, in a smooth pass, never appeared large repeatedly. Particularly gratifying is that my blurred vision, has been greatly improved.
Originally, I see on the fifth floor balcony of the first floor of the face clouded, can now see : the original reading the newspaper to see that, reading books to see skin, now can wear reading glasses to read a newspaper; The original characters and write and write, according to the script writing lattice. I cataract treatment, is more contact with electromagnetic small dose of massage, pedicure shoes with large area back to stimulate acupoints for hypoglycemic and liver functions, while reading newspaper, television was appropriate, not to fatigue, nutrition, and conscientiously listen to "Bluelight" Voice of the expert talks, experience from other users, pedicure shoes, and functional activation of water play and used well, this effect is even more significant, role will be even more magical. I deeply feel that the use of Bluelight, is to embrace the health, happiness hug and embrace life.


If human space, and the development of open body of the many mysteries, but there are many parts of the medical their blind spots, so we can not "solve the problems", "cure to the disease." Ray and the motherland's traditional and high-tech medical dialectical unity, issued the vast biological energy, imposed eight functional, and in the management, and clear, activation of human potential. Achieve "leveraged", led by a "Point" and the whole purpose of living, it is the motherland of traditional medicine and the creation of a large development, improve and upgrade the system.
It is currently on the market any medical equipment can not match. Especially valuable is the Bluelight civilians complex, its low prices, a cold on the money hospitals can get a "Bluelight octagonal therapeutic instrument." It is a small investment, the long-term benefit, the whole family benefits. The current expensive medical expenses, health care reform is not perfect people living in less affluent circumstances, "Bluelight nosy therapeutic apparatus" can be regarded as civilian doctors, caring doctor, is the elderly, the vulnerable groups affordable, affordable, can support the health treasure. It can be said that the Bluelight civilians happiness light.



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