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Wonderful Old Life Quality, Grateful to Bluelight Massager

Wellsee solar supply / 2011-02-22
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Wonderful Old Life Quality, Grateful to Bluelight Massage Equipment

Author: Guo Guisheng     Male     73-year-old    ID Card: 420106193301182836
Phone: 027-86421336   Address: 10, Entrance 39, Baiyu 6th Street, Qingshan District, Wuhan
I Chun Central Holdings Ltd. a 74-year-old retired employees, but due to age and tired, suffering from prostatitis, hemorrhoids, cervical disease, constipation, tinnitus, arthritis, and often cold, sick for a while let me miserable, his mind is not that the children were also let because I am not worried about job security, which makes me feel very welcome. until I encountered a Bluelight octagonal therapeutic apparatus, all this changed.
That was in May 2001, I am sick workers to the hospital for treatment, the way I met a colleague, he gave me a therapeutic instrument Bluelight octagonal columns, I go home after carefully valiant, which they say : "sick not to take medicines and injections without medication, the mistress a minute effect. several treatment to cure chronic diseases. "attracted much suffering to take medicine and injections me. Such a magical effect?
A couple of days later I called her with a big heart and see what happens, according to the Journal said addresses found a Bluelight corporate headquarters, the staff let me rule once, then it was very easy. Therefore, the eldest daughter decided to get an on the spot when the headman of the best luxury therapeutic instrument as my 70 birthday gift.
Later, I heard every day, "Bluelight health" Voice broadcasting lectures, carefully studying health knowledge and the proper use of treatment methods, in accordance with the "Guidelines for the treatment of health," the book Point active treatment plan. Magical things really happened, in the treatment, I nocturia every night from 6 to 7 times, I point plan under which insists on being very, Kuan Yuan, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao, waterways, etc. Point Shenshu, twice daily, every five minutes, every night, a month after nocturia generally only 2-3 meeting; insist month later, every night I sleep at eight o'clock in the morning to 6:00 the next day only to get up nocturia 1-2 times.
My right foot was appointed acupoint peripheral joints often feel pain, and walking down the stairs on the feel severe pain as a result of the telephone ask how the treatment, Professor Zhou instructions I said : Where pain, where governance, called "A Point is," two electromagnetic wax contact point increase in knee pain and outside around the back Sliding 5 minutes, respectively, after the two contacts on foot symmetric about the location of sliding back and forth five minutes to do a "balance", done twice a day. According to Professor Zhou's instructions, I insisted on a 15-day, right leg pain was improved, continue to adhere to 15 days and the symptoms disappeared and there has been no recurrence of Light also walk a lot.
Before the stubborn disease are cured gradually, the whole family artificial I am pleased to see such a good effect, I bought three daughters Bluelight octagonal therapeutic apparatus, and both achieved the desired effect.
To achieve good efficacy, I think that as long as the "five persist : 1, adhere to the position against pain treatment Point 2, a day once completed eight points three and daily Soak foot 4, a day early, middle and late drinking water activation of not less than three catties 5, adhere to listen to" Bluelight Voice-healthy "health expert talks. from 2002 to this day I do this every day, "five persist," it has become like the same meals daily living habits. So my body physique obviously enhanced, the former hemorrhoids, cervical, constipation, tinnitus and other diseases have disappeared.
I now walk consecutive two-hour walk is not difficult journey, I went to my son's home to look after the children and he lives eighth, I do not break up feeling tired (I am 74 years old this year); Walking peacetime and mother-in-law, her old suspected I walk too fast; I December 27, 2001 had not been to a hospital, even nor too cold.
Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus of the magical effect can not only my physical health, but also for my family from the pain of harassment, so I really appreciate the high-tech magical Massage Equipment. Again, I sincerely thank the leadership of the Bluelight and the entire staff!

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