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Bluelight cured my arthritis amazingly

Cindy / 2011-02-21
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Bluelight cured my arthritis amazingly

Author: Dai Chaozhong     

Male     62-year-old    

ID Card: 420112194409021518

Phone: 027-83093985
Address: 46 Zheng Street, Xingou Town, Dongxihu District, Wuhan
First, I thank the Romanian total, he traditional Chinese medical theories with the perfect combination of modern technology and creativity to the invention of Bluelight octagonal instrument!
Thank professor daily on the radio and on the careful guidance of patience! This to my family, to friends, to the neighbors have brought joy and health! Because we are two laid-off workers, in comparison and verification that the only fourth-generation general election-Bluelight octagonal therapy machine. This will be the ordinary type of instrument to cure 30 years of my arthritis, 1-2 cervical fractures, obstinate constipation, hemorrhoids, beriberi, corns, thoracic ribs traumatic shock. General ordinary type.
While a cure for his wife for many years intractable insomnia, nervous vascular headache, chronic superficial gastritis, acute foot sprain, lumbar 1-4 hyperostosis (traumatic, can not run). When directed to be an operation, and will have to spend more than 10,000 yuan. Because my father-in-law is an old Chinese medicine, surgery know the consequences, if mixed with the dynamic cauda equina, which will result in lower limb paralysis, and decided to conservative treatment, I will use the Bluelight